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Language: English 

With Harald Seidler 

Do you want to learn about "flow" and the idea behind it? 

Productivity Improvement Course

In this course, we present the "flow" concept for achieving better performance and health with less effort.

Harald Seidler explains the characteristics of "flow", its benefits, and the research behind. He explains the "flow" formula and how you can create the conditions that facilitate access to the flow "zone". The formula has helped employees in high demand environments, e.g. doctors in an emergency unit to reduce stress and improve performance.  The project was awarded the 2019 German Medical Award.

In "flow",  people have the highest productivity, are fully engaged, stay healthy and are happy. The productivity of people in "flow" increases up to 250% according to an Mc Kinsey Study. However, most employees spend as little as 10% in this zone.

Course content:  

  • Flow Definition and Studies
  • The "flow" characteristics
  • "Flow" triggers
  • The main "flow" principle
  • How to access the "flow sweet spot"
  • The "flow" formula principle
  • Internal & external conditions for "flow" 
  • Practical implementation

Learn to spend more time in the "flow" state, with higher productivity, fully engaged and healthy.

This course entitled "4 Ways to Wellbeing" is part of our course package, It includes 4 different modules. Based on the latest research from sports science, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, each module focuses on one level that can greatly enhance your health and productivity. You can book the package for a promotional price or select any of the modules you wish:

"Body Wellbeing"

"Emotional Wellbeing"

"Mind Wellbeing"

"Flow and Productivity" 

The expert Harald Seidler has over 25 years of experience as an international leadership and communication trainer in the medical industry and is a certified trainer for Stress Management (Persolog) and Emotional Intelligence (MHS Systems). In 2019 he received the German Medical Award for a project with the University Emergency Unit in Freiburg. Harald lives what he teaches. Being well over 50 years, he managed to reduce his biological age down to 25 years during the last years by following the key principles of these courses!