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With Zoë Meyer

Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body. 

Online Yoga Course:

Discover your personal yoga practice with this 4-week online course. Access it anytime, from anywhere and learn at your own pace!

Studies have shown that yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, symptoms of anxiety and even risk factors for heart diseases. In this course, we focus on various parts of the body as well as the mind.  We concentrate on a strong center of the body, the core.  After a short series, you will learn to strengthen your body. The exercises may appear easy, but done properly, they will always be a challenging work-out.

Yoga is also especially important for a strong back and neck. A well-integrated strength in the upper back is crucial for a good posture and the alignment of your hips and shoulders. This area of the body is often suffering from tension and toughening because of work and lack of movement. We will do some exercises to improve circulation, therefore aiding this area to regain its flexibility.

We also focus on balance, breathing and mindfulness to relax the body. Drawing your attention to your senses can lead to quick relaxation. You can practice whenever it suits you, to balance out your everyday life. 

About the teacher: 

Zoë Meyer practices Yoga since childhood. She is a qualified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for 15 years. In the past two decades, she has developed yoga projects or taught employees of well-known companies such as Weleda, Endress + Hauser, Reinach Municipality, Adobe Research or Clariant. She also published professional training scripts in the field of yoga research. Zoë Meyer loves the connection of old knowledge and new knowledge to new knowledge from anatomy, movement and neuroscience.