Why Joy Corporate?

Tested quality 

Tested quality is our top priority! On that account, we are very meticulous in selecting our partners. We work with a highly qualified team of experts, partners and professionals in well-being. We have got to know and verified each partner personally. We work with around 150 recognized, certified coaches. We constantly verify and optimise the quality and user-friendliness of our online courses, as quality is our top priority.

High standards & efficiency 

We are a company that believes in hard work and high standards. We have solutions and we deliver. We place great emphasis on reliable and fast customer service. Our online sequences are deliberately kept short to ensure efficiency and to make it easier to combine work and learning. 

Top Prices 

Our e-learning courses are cost-effective compared to the increased economic value that companies can achieve with motivated and committed employees. 

Time & energy for our corporate clients 

Due to the flexibility of our e-learning you can save enormous costs and energy. The training can be carried out flexibly and from home or from the office, without incurring travel and location costs - in addition to the cost of hiring external trainers, the financial savings that can be achieved through e-learning are enormous. Our offers are also attractive in price for private individuals. 

Flexibility & Innovation 

We are constantly working on the expansion of our online offer, with new experts, topics, or specializations in various areas. We offer professionalism, know-how, flexibility, and creativity. The innovative contributions bring the message to the point within a short time. 

Our Online Academy offers an extensive repertoire of didactic tools, with which a location-independent, time-flexible and, last but not least, individual learning can be realized.