Quality: Decisive factors for high quality courses 

Tested quality is our top priority! This applies not only to our Online Academy, but to our entire company. This includes that we select our partners carefully. We work with a highly qualified team of experts, partners and professionals for wellbeing. We have personally met and verified every single partner. Around 150 recognized, verified and certified experts publish their services on our wellbeing portal and support companies and organizations. 

In our Online Academy, this guaranteed quality and the high standards are central. Because quality is decisive. We pursue a clear vision of what kind of standards we implement. Course design, content, experts and support systems are crucial. The content is available to all employees at all times.

Our courses are regularly evaluated on factors such as user feedback, transfer, results and return on investment. 

Course design and experts are responsible for engaging user in a meaningful way. We constantly ensure that our courses are up-to-date and relevant as we constantly build and expand our offering and add new experts. The objectives of the time-limited courses are clearly defined to guarantee efficiency. Our aim is to release potential through tailor-made, digital and high-quality training.