Wlad Jachtchenko

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Language: English 

With Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Want to learn the 20 best sophisticated communication hacks from the best communicators? 

Communication training - improve your communication skills

In this 90-minute course Waldislaw Jachtchenko explains how to communicate more effectively. Learn from the best communicators in the world like Robbins, Sinek, Covey, Rosenberg etc., complete with a quiz & a script!

The way we communicate will determine the quality of our life and this course helps to improve our skills. You will learn from the best experienced and contemporary communicators. Each of the 20 communication hacks is easily adaptable to your everyday life. The short and entertaining lectures are easy to comprehend and efficient. You will learn how to easily influence and persuade people. 

The expert Wladislaw Jachtchenko  is a professional communication trainer in Germany. He is one of the most successful debaters in the world. He now shares his knowledge on rhetoric and argumentation via online courses. 

Course content: 

  • Why should you always be gentle with people?
  • Why should you listen first?
  • How to quickly establish a connection between you and your interlocutor?
  • How to capture attention during a dialogue?
  • Why should you use "reciprocity" in a conversation?
  • and 15 other brilliant communication hacks from the best 

What is the target group of this course? Everybody who wants to improve their communications skills.