SFr. 80.00

Language: German 

With Wladislaw Jachtchenko 

Quick-wittedness training with 30 practical exercises. 

The repartee training is ideal for all those who can only come up with the right answer hours later. These techniques make it easier for you to react adequately to a verbal attack. The practical exercises can be implemented in everyday life and stimulate security and self-confidence. 

Content of the course:

  • What is repartee?
  • Beginners: 10 repartee techniques
  • Advanced: 10 repartee techniques
  • Professionals: 10 repartee techniques
  • 30 practical exercises to try out the techniques 

The expert Wladislaw Jachtchenko is a professional communication trainer in Germany. He is one of the most successful debaters in the world. He now passes on his knowledge of rhetoric and argumentation in online courses. 

What is the target group of this course? 

All those who want to improve their repartee.