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With Harald Seidler

Want to learn how to systematically build up your physical energy level for improved physical well being?

How to Boost Your Energy Levels

In this course, Harald Seidler invites you to reflect on your personal energy level and about personal energy boosters and predators. He will introduce you to the golden rule of energy management and teach you about the 4 key energy sources needed for a systematic energy build up.

When we are energized and our batteries are fully loaded, we not only feel better, but we are able to increase our focus and be more creative, we also enhance our performance. 

Course content: 

  • Determine your personal energy level
  • Quiz on the 4 main energy sources
  • The golden rule of energy management „supercompensation“
  • Importance of energy boosters - water, food, sleep
  • Personal energy build-up plan

Learn how you can effectively manage and increase your energy. Discover the key principle of constant energy build up and get the latest insights on diet, drinking and sleep as your personal energy boosters.

This course is part of our courses package "4 Ways to Wellbeing" which includes 4 different modules. Based on the latest research from sports science, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, each module focuses on one level that can greatly enhance your health and productivity. You can book the package for a promotional price or select any of the modules you wish:

"Body Wellbeing"

"Emotional Wellbeing

"Mind Wellbeing"

"Flow and Productivity" 

The expert Harald Seidler has over 25 years of experience as an international leadership and communication trainer in the medical industry and is a certified trainer for Stress Management (Persolog) and Emotional Intelligence (MHS Systems). In 2019, he received the German Medical Award for a project with the University Emergency Unit in Freiburg. Harald lives what he teaches. Being well over 50 years, he managed to reduce his biological age down to 25 years during the last years by following the key principles of these courses!