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Language: English

With Harald Seidler 

Want to learn how to enhance your focus and build a positive mindset for improved mental wellbeing? 

Build a Positive Mindset

In this course, Harald Seidler introduces you to the concept of mindfulness and its benefits to counteract today's information overload and multitasking culture. Learn the key insights from the leading experts in the field (M. Seligman, Stephen Covey etc.) on how to increase focus and make the best use of your limited mind capacity. This will help you to achieve sustained health and high productivity in the long run.  

Course content: 

  • Mindfulness concept & benefits
  • Limited brain/mind capacity
  • How to calm your inner critic and promote an inner coach
  • Stephen Covey - Circle of Influence
  • Rick Hanson - HEAL Method
  • Seligman - 3 P’s of pessimism 

Learn how to build a positive mindset and its proper use in order to achieve sustained health and high productivity. 

This course is part of our courses package "4 Ways to Wellbeing" which includes 4 different modules. Based on the latest research from sports science, positive psychology and emotional intelligence, each module focuses on one level that can greatly enhance your health and productivity. You can book the package for a promotional price or select any of the modules you wish:

"Body Wellbeing"

"Emotional Wellbeing"

"Mind Wellbeing"

"Flow and Productivity" 

The expert Harald Seidler has over 25 years of experience as an international leadership and communication trainer in the medical industry and is a certified trainer for Stress Management (Persolog) and Emotional Intelligence (MHS Systems). In 2019 he received the German Medical Award for a project with the University Emergency Unit in Freiburg. Harald lives what he teaches. Being well over 50 years he managed to reduce his biological age down to 25 years during the last years following the key principles of these courses!